Environmental policy

As a sign of everis’ strong commitment to the environment and efficient energy management of our facilities, we have decided to implement an Environmental and Energy Policy, as a common framework to guarantee protection and respect for the environment in all our activities and processes, and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the fight against climate change.

We are a consulting, outsourcing and technology company, positioned in all sectors and present in Europe, the USA, Africa and Latin America. With our unique and singular company model, which is passionately committed to talent within a context of responsible freedom, we seek to achieve high levels of professional performance.

Everybody at everis is committed to improving our environmental and energy performance and we have adopted the following commitments:

  • Work in an environmentally friendly way and promote this responsibility among our employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Comply with current international, state, regional and local environmental and energy legislation, extending it wherever possible; comply with other requirements subscribed by everis related to our environmental issues, as well as our energy uses and consumptions.
  • Identify environmental impacts derived from the activities, products and services developed by the company and establish plans to eliminate them, integrating those factors related to the environment in our processes.
  • Prevent contamination, by minimizing our consumption of natural resources, disposing of our waste responsibly, and recycling the materials we use.
  • Support the acquisition of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products and services and promote design activities that take into account energy savings to improve energy and environmental performance.
  • Establish and review our environmental and energy goals to ensure that they are suitable and feasible and ensure the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve the proposed objectives.
  • Direct the environmental and energy activities, as well as the implemented Environmental and Energy Management Systems, towards savings, optimization of resources and consumption, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

everis’ management approves and supports this policy and we will provide the necessary resources for its development and monitoring.

May 2020
Fritz Hoderlein
Global CEO

Environmental management system