aunav.NEO HD

The only EOD/IED/CBRN robot with a variable geometry system which allows its width to be increased or decreased automatically in a few seconds.

Variable geometry
Platform self-stabilization
Plug & Play payloads

One robot fits all

The combination of its variable geometry and self-stabilization system, allows the aunav.NEO HD to adapt to any operating scenario imaginable, including narrow airplane aisles, buses or subways and underground tunnels to wading through debris or traversing wide-open spaces. One robot fits all.

Added to this versatility is easy transport, thanks to the simple and quick disassembly of its components, and the great strength and power of its main arm, which enables it for a wide variety of EOD/IED/CBRN missions.

The advanced remote operation control unit provides the robot with autonomous capabilities that reduce operating times. aunav.NEO HD is also available in the aunav.NEO configuration, even lighter.

The robot automatically adapts its width from 400 mm to 680 mm to optimize its mobility and stability in narrow or wide spaces.

Variable geometry system

The robot automatically adapts its width from 400 mm to 680 mm to optimize its mobility and stability in narrow or wide spaces.

Platform self-stabilization

It allows to always keep the robot platform in a horizontal position, both on stairs, ramps, slopes or on uneven debris-filled terrain.

Plug & Play technology

Self-detection and real-time configuration of any accessory, without the need for operator intervention.


Its main arm, flippers and batteries can easily be uncoupled from the robot without using special tools, making it easy to transport in any vehicle.

Strength and power

Allows the operator to manipulate and move objects of up to 75Kg easily and skillfully.

Autonomous capacities

Autonomous indoor and outdoor navigation systems generating 3D maps of the environment.

Wide range of colors:

RAL 6003
Olive Green

RAL 1002
Sand Yellow

RAL 1037
Sun Yellow

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

RAL 9011
Graphite Black

RAL 3024
Luminous Red

RAL 6010
Grass Green

Control Unit (OCU)

Designed to cradle a Tablet PC, it integrates an ergonomically distributed set of buttons and joysticks on both sides of the base which ensures an easy, intuitive control of the robot. A compact, light-weight design guarantees the operators mobility.
It provides an operational range of between 700m and 3km depending on the topography. Up to 8 cameras can simultaneously be displayed in real-time with a 3D drawing continually showing the exact position of each of the robot´s various joints.

Technical Specs

  • Basic data
  • Platform
  • Materials
  • Control Unit (OCU)

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