aunav.NEXT HD

Possibly the most technologically advanced robot capable of lifting 260 kg safely for transporting hazardous materials.

360º rotation
260 kg lifting capacity
2 arms

Transport and handling of explosive ordnance and other hazardous substances.

The aunav.NEXT HD is able to lift and transport loads of up to 260 kg at a maximum height of 1.6 m, and 150 kg up to 2 m with a forklift that always keep the load parallel to the ground, allowing tasks of demilitarization, transport and handling of explosive and potentially dangerous substances.
The preset positioning for handling and transport, together with cameras, permit a clear display of the operation at a standoff distance.

Designed for stabilized handling of hazardous materials.

Forklift accessory

Designed for stabilized handling of hazardous materials.

Main arm

Preset positions for safe lifting of loads up to 260 kg.

Specific vision system

Array of cameras permitting an optimum view of transport operations remotely

Remote Operation

It allows operating the robot at a distance of between 700 m and 3 km by radio or 250 m by optical fiber.

Wide range of colors:

RAL 6003
Olive Green

RAL 1002
Sand Yellow

RAL 1037
Sun Yellow

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

RAL 9011
Graphite Black

RAL 3024
Luminous Red

RAL 6010
Grass Green

Control Unit (OCU)

Two Control Units are available, depending on the operational needs. One is based on a Tablet PC, and the other, with dual touch screen, in a ruggedized suitcase.
Both allow operating the robot from a standoff position between 700m and 3Km depending on the ground characteristics. It is possible to see, in real time, up to 8 cameras simultaneously, together with a 3D drawing displaying the positioning of arms and joints.

Technical Specs

  • Platform
  • Basic data
  • Certifications
  • Materials
  • Control Unit (OCU)

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