El único robot que permite levantar 220 kg a 18 m. Ideal para proteger infraestructuras.

18 m vertical reach
360º rotation
220 kg lifting capacity
1 arm

El robot con mayor alcance del mercado

Large size robot designed and developed for surveillance, and typical EOD, CIED, CBRN, emergency response and protection of historical sites and critical infrastructures such as large industrial compounds, power plants, and nuclear plants.
Fires, accidents with toxic gases and dangerous chemicals, or handling of explosive devices and radioactive waste, make necessary to count with remotely controlled robots able to operate in hazardous areas or sites requiring special protection.

Lifts up to 220 Kg and operates on roofs or structures up to 18 m

Hydraulic arm

Lifts up to 220 Kg and operates on roofs or structures up to 18 m

Operational autonomy

Up to 8 hours on a diesel engine.


Long range cameras, up to 2km of detection capability. From 8 to 10 HD cameras.


Integral 4 wheel traction and 3 control modes: one of them permits sideways movement , and tight turns.

Technical Specs

  • Platform
  • Basic data
  • Materials
  • Control Unit (OCU)

Downloads aunav.MEGA

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