Quality and security policy

Integrated Quality, Health and Safety Policy

The mission of aunav, is to provide our Spanish and international customers with technological solutions that are the result of our own research, design, development and manufacturing, customized to their specific needs, with rapid response, reliability through a fast and efficient maintenance service, high level security requirements in our products, maximum quality in our processes, respect for the environment, committing the social responsibility of the organization and ensuring maximum safety for our employees.

An Integrated System for Quality Management, Environment and Safety-Health in the Workplace is provided based on the requirements established in the UNE EN ISO 9001, PECAL / AQAP 2110 and UNE EN ISO 45001. The framework of this Management System defines an Integrated Quality, Health and Safety Policy based on the following guiding principles:

  • We help our clients to save lives, striving to become the leaders in the industry of smart robots, always with top quality and safety products, unique in their class in the extremely demanding Defense and Security industry.
  • We take special care in understanding our customers’ day by day requirements and evolve our products to help them in their daily work. We prefer to deepen the specialization, quality and fulfillment of the requirements of our clients in the smart robot lines, instead of expanding the range of the portfolio to new lines.
  • We base our success on people, being the management of talent and open culture through which everyone shares ideas and opinions in a practical way, a priority objective to ensure the future of the organization.
  • We comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements that the organization voluntarily subscribes.
  • We obtain the maximum security for our employees to achieve the minimum accident rate, providing safe and healthy working conditions, encouraging the participation, information, training and consultation of all workers, including temporary and external workers, committing ourselves to continuous improvement in the prevention of damage and deterioration of health.
  • We strive to understand the context and stakeholders, eliminating the dangers and minimizing the risks that affect us, to develop our products in a safe and healthy way for our workers.

This Integrated Policy is constituted as a declaration of intentions and principles that provide a global framework for the establishment of objectives in the matter of Quality and Safety-Health management at work, always seeking the continuous improvement of the system. It will be reviewed annually and will always be available to clients, employees and any other interested external party (public administration, general public, etc.) by means deemed appropriate.