Possibly the most technologically advanced robot capable of lifting 250 kg, with 2 synchronized arms and proved in real operations.

Dual traction system
360º rotation
250 kg lifting capacity
2 Arms

The most advanced robot on the market

The robot aunav.NEXT has been designed and developed in collaboration with EOD units and represents the next step in the evolution of EOD / IED / CBRN robots being the only robot in the world with the Common Criteria EAL2 + security certification.
It effectively combines strength and dexterity in the movements of its two arms. Its powerful control unit also provides operator assistance functions and provides the robot with semi-autonomous capabilities, being adaptable to multiple scenarios, and greatly minimizing the time and risks associated to operations.

Power and easy use

The operator can easily move and handle objects up to 250 kg.

Autonomous Navigation System.

Able to follow objecs, dodge obstacles, and return in case of broken link.

2 arms rotating 360º

They permit accurate movements beyond what other robots may do.


Its powerful manipulator allows access into a vehicle by deforming the metal bodywork or breaking windows, without using specific tools, or shotguns.


It permits to combine multiple accessories, sensors and automatic deployment of tools, providing operational versatilty of operation.

Dual traction system of wheels and tracks.

It allows to operate on slopes above 90%.

Wide range of colors:

RAL 6003
Olive Green

RAL 1002
Sand Yellow

RAL 1037
Sun Yellow

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

RAL 9011
Graphite Black

RAL 3024
Luminous Red

RAL 6010
Grass Green

Control Unit

Two Control Units are available, depending on the operational needs. One is based on a Tablet PC, and the other, with dual touch screen, in a ruggedized suitcase.
Both allow operating the robot from a standoff position between 700m and 3Km depending on the ground characteristics. It is possible to see, in real time, up to 8 cameras simultaneously, together with a 3D drawing displaying the positioning of arms and joints.

Technical Specs

  • Platform
  • Basic data
  • Materials
  • Control Unit (OCU)

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