The aunav.NEO robot’s first presentation in Europe at MILIPOL and FEINDEF

  • The aunav.NEO, the only explosive ordnance disposal robot with variable geometry, to be exhibited at MILIPOL (Paris) from the 19th to the 22nd of October and at FEINDEF (Madrid) from the 3rd to the 5th of November.
  • The system was first presented at IDEX 2021 (Abu Dhabi), where it generated great interest among visitors.
  • Designed and manufactured by aunav in Binéfar (Spain), the aunav.NEO is a finalist in the MILIPOL Innovation Awards and has been recognised as one of the ‘100 best ideas of 2021’ in Spain by Actualidad Económica.

aunav, an international benchmark in robotic solutions development for Defence and Security, will present the aunav.NEO robot for the first time in Europe within the coming weeks. It will be at two important events in the sector: MILIPOL, which will be held from the19th to the 22nd of October in Paris, and FEINDEF, from the 3rd to the 5th of November in Madrid.

It will be the first opportunity to see live demonstrations of the UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) on this continent. It had made a very impressive first appearance earlier this year at the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi, garnering immense excitement with spectators.

At IDEX, aunav had recreated the interior of an aircraft specifically to showcase the aunav.NEO’s ability to access narrow spaces like the aisle of an aircraft, all thanks to its variable geometry system. This unique technology allows the robot to increase or decrease its width during missions to adapt to any situation. At the French MILIPOL and the Spanish FEINDEF, aunav will once again offer this demonstration to attendees.

Designed and manufactured by aunav at its Binéfar (Spain) facilities the aunav.NEO is a finalist in the MILIPOL Innovation Awards, in the category ‘Drone & anti-drone systems, robotics’, the winners will be announced on the 19th of October. It has also been recognised as one of the ‘100 best ideas of 2021’ in Spain by El Mundo and Actualidad Económica, which underscores the invaluable innovative work aunav invested in developing this product.

aunav’s latest development, the aunav.NEO, offers essential technological innovations that not only makes it the most advanced but also the lightest in the company’s robotic solutions range. It is an exceedingly versatile UGV as it successfully integrates variable geometry with capabilities rarely combined into a single product.

One example is its platform self-stabilisation, allowing the robot to maintain a horizontal position when climbing stairs, ramps or traversing uneven terrain. Another is its Plug & Play system, which automatically detects and configures any accessory in real-time without requiring operator intervention. Its modularity is also worth mentioning, which allows the system to be easily dismantled for ease of transport or allows for modified configurations.

aunav will present the new aunav.NEO at IDEX 2021

The first public demonstration of aunav’s new robot, launched in September 2020

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) is hosting a new edition of the international exhibition IDEX. February the 21st till the 25th, 2021, companies from all over the world will showcase the latest technology for the land, sea and air defense sectors. It is the main event in the Middle East and North Africa region, and one of the most relevant worldwide.

aunav will participate in this new edition of IDEX. It will showcase its advanced robotic solutions for high-risk police and military operations such as the deactivation of improvised explosives (IED), regulatory ammunition (EOD) or CBRN activities (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical), among others.

The aunav.NEO which was launched last September will be the most prominent attraction in the aunav line-up. The aunav.NEO is unique on the market with its variable geometry; this allows the robot to rapidly increase or decrease its width during a mission to adapt to whichever situation it is presented. This exceptional technology enables the system to operate in tight spaces such as plane, bus or subway aisles, underground tunnels and naturally, it does very well on rough terrain and open spaces alike.

Visitors are invited to have a firsthand look at what these incredible robots are capable of doing. The aunav exhibition can be found in the Spanish Pavilion, as a part of the everis ADS stand.

aunav presents the aunav.NEO; the only explosive disposal robot in the world with variable geometry

Images of new aunav.NEO

aunav, the benchmark in the development of robotic solutions for defence and security, launched its new robot today, the aunav.NEO, which is the only explosive disposal robot in the world equipped with a variable geometry system. This technology allows the robot to adjust its width during a mission to suit any environment at any time and in any situation.

The robot, developed and manufactured at the aunav facilities in Huesca, arose to meet the needs of security and armed forces. It’s a versatile system capable of operating in different scenarios, most notably in areas that are difficult to access.

This makes the aunav.NEO uniquely prepared to neutralize improvised explosives, ammunition or CBRN threats (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) in tight spaces such as plane, bus or subway aisles or underground tunnels and naturally, it does very well on rough terrain open spaces alike.

One robot fits all

Pablo Vázquez, General Director of aunav, has proudly stated, “the engineering involved in this project, is added to 17 years of experience in the field of robotics for explosives deactivation, and gives us the edge and the knowledge to incorporate unique technologies in the sector. We can therefore truly say that because of its versatility, the aunav.NEO fuses several robots into one”.

He further added, “Maintaining the characteristically robust reliability of all our products, the aunav.NEO is also the lightest robot in our catalogue and incorporates state-of-the-art technology”. He also said, “the objective of aunav is to provide security and armed forces with cutting-edge solutions so that they can safely approach high-risk situations with the maximum guarantee of success.”

Leading technology to save lives

One of the aunav.NEO‘s most remarkable innovations is its variable geometry system. The robot utilizes it to quickly and remotely increase or decrease its width, allowing it to operate in different scenarios within the same mission. It is further complemented by the platform’s self-stabilization technology, which always keeps it in a horizontal position in relation to the ground and is unaffected by stairs, ramps or uneven terrain. The aunav.NEO’s capabilities are boosted by an arm attachment that performs threat prevention and neutralization tasks with a superb combination of strength and precision.

Thanks to this fusion of technologies, the aunav.NEO can, for example, climb an airplane’s stairs, adjust its width to manoeuvre through the aisle, open the upper hand luggage compartment and pick up and remove a suspicious object that was lodged inside.

Another important innovation is that it is a demountable, modular robot. The arms, flippers and batteries can easily be detached, allowing the aunav.NEO to be transported in a wide range of vehicles, including the trunk of a car. No more than two people are needed to load and attach the parts easily, making it instantly operable.

Thanks to the use of Plug and Play technology, the aunav.NEO allows easy incorporation and exchange of different accessories (such as cameras) onto different parts of the platform. This versatility, therefore, enables it to be configured according to the needs of each mission.

The aunav.NEO is controlled by the aunav’s exclusive Remote Control Unit (OCU). Noteworthy is the Autonomous navigation systems, for both indoors and outdoors, which generates 3D maps of the environment.

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