Official statement: aunav exclusive distributor in China is DMS Tech


DMS Tech is aunav by everis ADS exclusive distributor for the China market. We cover the sales service and after sale service through DMS Tech for all our aunav by everis ADS brand of robotics products including aunav.EOD, aunav.NEXT, aunav.NEO, aunav.CID and aunav.MEGA. Any agent or distributor of any other country shall not sell the products directly in China market or second-authorize any other agent or distributor in China to sell our products in China market.

If any other agent or distributor in China imports and sells any of our aunav by everis ADS robotic products through any channel other than Beijing DMS Technology Co.,Ltd, we, together with Beijing DMS Technology co., LTD., reserve the right to pursue legal liability, and in such case, those products will have no warranty and maintenance from we, the manufacturer.

The long term distribution relationship between aunav by everis ADS and DMS Tech, that started in January 2016, has been proved as an excellent success case to develop business in the Chinese market through an extremely professional, client oriented and security-business focused distributor.

This is a way to secure business in China with our excellent distributor DMS Tech, in such a way that we are sure they will provide a second to none customer support service in a professional manner that complies with the strict regulations of everis ADS, and therefore, we will have satisfied clients that can expect a rapid response from everis ADS any time and fully focused in attending their request. We are therefore avoiding any third party to play a role in the Chinese market.


由于北京东美森泰科技有限公司是我们在中国市场的独家分销商,因此我们通过该公司为我们的所有产品提供销售服务和售后服务。Aunav by everis ADS 的机器人产品包括aunav.EODaunav. NEXTaunav.NEOaunav.CIDaunav.MEGA。任何其他国家/地区的代理商或分销商均不得直接在中国市场上销售以上所列产品,或第二次授权中国任何其他代理商或分销商在中国市场上销售以上所列产品

如果在中国的任何其他代理商或分销商通过除北京东美森泰科技有限公司以外的任何渠道进口和销售我们的 Aunav by everis ADS系列机器人产品,我们将与北京东美森泰科技有限公司一起保留追究法律责任的权利。对于非正规途径(即:经非北京东美森泰科技有限公司渠道进口)进口的产品,我方概不提供保修和维护服务

Aunav by everis ADS与其在中国的独家分销商北京东美森泰科技有限公司巩固了良好的合作关系。自20161月开始,Aunav by everis ADS  北京东美森泰科技有限公司间的长期分销关系已证明它是一个非常专业的成功案例。我们通过了一个非常专业,面向客户和以安全业务为重点的分销商来发展在中国市场的业务。

这是通过我们出色的分销商北京东美森泰科技有限公司来确保在中国开展业务的一种方式,我们可以确保他们将以符合 Aunav by everis ADS 严格规定的专业方式提供首屈一指的客户支持服务,做到尽心服务客户,使客户满意。北京东美森泰公司可以得到Aunav by everis ADS 的快速响应,并且我方会全心全意地满足他们的要求。因此,我们杜绝在中国市场上出现除北京东美森泰科技有限公司之外其他所谓代理经销商或者二次授权代理经销商的情况

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